Global Financial “Net” – Now Fully Transcontinental and Complete?

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Dear Readers,

The 2001 documentary,  “New Rulers of the World”  features Indonesia and global financial interests. “Too old, must be outdated,you say. “Not about  who we are – not about nations like ours, whose wealth and power is well-established”. Think again.

Time for us to get off our high-horse. Be brave. Find courage. “Everything is model for everything else”. This video lets us begin to examine “who” our “god” really is.  Don’t think “them” when you view it, consider the dynamics of international finance, consider IMF history. Remember:  “First they came for … and I didn’t speak, and I didn’t speak, and I didn’t speak …” . (Approximately 1hr.) (All Pilger documentaries – highest quality visual/audio in my experience – are also available at John Pilger’s website.)

Buckminster Fuller observed: “It is essential to release humanity from the false fixations of yesterday, which seem now to bind it to a rationale of action leading only to extinction.

Financial pundits, America’s politicians, citizens, are making lots (and lots!) of “very wise” (and sometimes emotion-charged) statements about the America’s debt crisis. Standard and Poor’s warning Monday was – for most – confirmation of what everyone chooses to believe.  “We’re toast”.

Scarcely a pundit or political voice, including from the White House and all congress, offers anything outside conventional hypnotic thought disguised as “wisdom“. We’ve heard nothing but dire financial warnings since the global melt-down. We folks ‘on the street,’ (yes, the ‘wee’ folk), have felt especially buffeted and battered. We’re told “there’s more to come”.

Fear – alarm – alarm – fear.  (Are we having fun yet?)

We’re behaving very much like people of civilizations before us. We’ve enjoyed thinking ourselves “too advanced to believe in volcano gods”, yet we believe in the same kind of illusion. We’re ready to throw one another into the gaping, gobbling, maw of our “sophisticated” god – our economic god.  (Our ‘advanced’ version of a volcano god.)  The god of grand dreams of glittering profit, the god who especially blesses those most skilled at market manipulations.

The only people “safe and protected” from looming fearful misery are those of the “inner circle” – the financial elite.  We have priests: they operate out of Church Wall Street. Those of us outside the inner circle have accepted “need” (“commandment”) to pay great sums to the priests, who assure us this will appease the god. We are trembling and afraid.  We thought we’d paid enough.  The priests say the god remains unhappy and demands more.

It’s American’s turn to follow other countries into the corral – to be ‘within’ the now fully-global entrenched economic system net that captures – rather than  on the outside, which has been our customary experience.  We’ve helped build this net, not quite aware of inevitable entanglement. Many people, in many countries, in these current economic times, have already taken serious blows. They have obediently begun to  dis-assemble life and humanitarian support systems. We’ve been watching Europe – we “know” what is “supposed to happen to us,” according to ‘sacred’ Laws of Finance, if the god for whom we have built and used the net, is displeased.

(I over-simplify – Americans have tried harder than most to please the profit-god. Among “wealthy” nations we’ve been most compliant. We’ve already converted common-need service from public to for-profit systems and are willing to do more. Iceland’s citizens, alone, have shown unified gumption to fearlessly challenge this god.  Predictably, our media has not informed us about events in Iceland.)

From the political far right to the most liberal – few Americans are willing or able to ask deep analytical questions about “financial systems”. We prefer ignorance. We are every bit as foolish as people of times past.

Rules of our financial systems, funds management, funds lent, and interest charged are NOT “natural law”! There is NO cosmic design behind a system that demands heavy and costly borrowing!

We’ve invented the whole system! We’ve either dreamed it up, or have participated to help it grow, or both.

There indeed are natural laws that apply to physical well-being. These laws also apply to human promise, human development.  We are born with these “laws” in place. To truly thrive, all people need clean water, quality food, quality housing, and should benefit from our other human designs such as quality health care and quality education. To truly thrive, all earth, and all life on it, benefits when we support one another in these needs.

Among genuine “natural laws” are laws of dynamics.  Power – forces, counter forces. These apply to human social and political systems, which includes financial systems.

There are also dynamics within systems based on co-operation, dynamics that can create harmony. These can apply to human social, political, economic systems if we choose to design such systems.

There is also “natural law” of our species.  It would be intelligent of us to study ourselves: who we are when born, what impulses and ‘features’ of brain and consciousness we bring with us. We can examine causes that bring greater or lesser practices of compassion, co-operation, ‘power-over’, co-dependency, and so on.

Sources to help us “wake up” are abundant, uncountable, (some current, some ancient, and much from in-between!) We have to wake up enough to notice we’ve been asleep. We have to choose to ask questions.  We have to open to ideas that might challenge our God of Finances. We have to believe in the “courage” we often praise (but prefer not to test.)

Pilger’s “New Rulers of the World” is only one, of uncountable   sources offering quality analysis and revelation. I hope to post several more – there’s an excellent full-length documentary, “Lifting the Veil”, specific to the United States, at

Courage!!! –MaggieAnn
(For an entertaining 10-min video animated review of human evolution-of-empathy to today’s earth population see my post featuring Jeremy Rifkin’s “The Empathic Civilization”.)


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A description once given of me was "rooted in the earth while roaming the stars" - and this has felt 'right'. I believe in something akin to this for each of us. I am a passionate supporter of discovering the autonomous self while serving the whole as primary intent. I believe in discovery of innate principles, clearing the overlay of socialization that obscures this from us. I believe it is our responsibility to leave no one behind - most particularly to respond to suffering as best we can whereever we find it, whenever we are made aware. I believe in this for the insect as well as the most magnificent form of humanity. I believe in brother/sisterhood without boundary. I believe in righteous indignation when it is appropriate, but do not believe in an enemy. I believe in consciousness, in intelligence, in logic, in rationality, in emotion, in transcendence - and am convinced until we generally practice explore and honor all this in ourselves, we remain profoundly immature. (I believe real maturity is known and practiced by many young children, and not enough adults!)
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