We Are The Help That’s On The Way (If We Pay Attention)

cooperativehousebuilding tibettravelCOM

cooperativehousebuilding tibettravelCOM

Dear Readers!

In less than 24 hours, I’ve had at least four powerful sources/resources ‘come my way’ that significantly support understandings I hope to inspire at this blog. I note one of these here.   David Brook’s TED talk on the nature of our ‘social being-ness’ belongs with the ‘resource list’ found on my new Psychology – Adler Related page (so I’ve also included his Ted talk on that page as a resource).  Here’s the process I ‘see’ available to us:

  • From new “insight and awakening” to our human capacity, comes increased consciousness of our potential to create a much more humane world. We gather insights and awaken by asking questions, gathering insight and reflecting on personal experience.
  • From increased consciousness of our potential comes new courage to let the inspiration guide us.
  • From letting inspiration guide us, will come revised and new social structures that we use to organize our societies.  We’ll ‘see’ the deep flaws in using ‘old, established’ approaches to solve challenges of our 21st Century.

In his 18 minute TED talk, David Brooks, enjoyably informs that what really ‘makes us tick’ is our subconscious ‘driver’ to find what we want in life.  It’s not cars, houses and boats.  It’s not fame and worship.  It’s valued relationship in community.  Many have said this, for many years, but now – science, measurement – confirms.

He shares insight, with detail and entertaining anecdote. ‘Social capital,’ if understood as ‘clever and smooth relationship’, such as a politician has with potential voters, is ’empty’ of ‘social trust’. No matter how ‘cordial’ such a politician seems to be, the strong behavior is that they forget this cordiality when shaping governing social policy.

Brooks observes: “This is symptom of a larger problem.” The larger problem is that our entire culture’s sense of ‘success’ is skewed to a measure of success that lacks social trust.

He cites evidence – current research and science on human behavior.

It would take much writing to ‘unpack’ the relevance of what Brooks ‘runs by us’ in a mere 18 minute talk.  Instead of trying to do so, I post the talk here.

Enjoy and take heart! We’re on the right track! (But we knew that anyway didn’t we. Still, it’s so wonderful to catch confirmation from people with comprehensive, informed, interest!)

My Best! –MaggieAnn


About maggieannthoeni

A description once given of me was "rooted in the earth while roaming the stars" - and this has felt 'right'. I believe in something akin to this for each of us. I am a passionate supporter of discovering the autonomous self while serving the whole as primary intent. I believe in discovery of innate principles, clearing the overlay of socialization that obscures this from us. I believe it is our responsibility to leave no one behind - most particularly to respond to suffering as best we can whereever we find it, whenever we are made aware. I believe in this for the insect as well as the most magnificent form of humanity. I believe in brother/sisterhood without boundary. I believe in righteous indignation when it is appropriate, but do not believe in an enemy. I believe in consciousness, in intelligence, in logic, in rationality, in emotion, in transcendence - and am convinced until we generally practice explore and honor all this in ourselves, we remain profoundly immature. (I believe real maturity is known and practiced by many young children, and not enough adults!)
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