Thoughts From The Well …

emerge from depths of individual awareness. They are vital, but often unavailable, until we dip deep, pull them up, and know them consciously. We discover, eventually, there is a single “everyone” and there is also individual uniqueness.  Both are to be celebrated.

We also discover there is a universal “everything” – a fabric.   We learn we are within that fabric, rather than apart from it.   Our lives, reality, choices, experience – all part of the fabric.

Because we can perceive this, and because of all life-forms, it is only we who can tear apart the fabric, it is we who must learn to be stewards.

Stewards can neither insist on privilege nor accept it if it is offered. As of yet, there are few stewards among us. (revised, July 2013)

Posts explore themes that are a blend of social, political, psychological, philosophical, spiritual and educational questions.

See SUB-PAGES of “About…” (menu bar drop-down) for behind-the-scenes clues about MaggieAnn’s world.  ‘MaggieannThoeni‘ is the biographical one; ‘Heroes‘ offers something to think about; ‘Guest Notes‘ was meant as a place to post blog comments not related to an article – hasn’t been active. ‘Fridge Door Links” is a neat idea but I’ve not done with it what I meant; ‘Blog Notes and Changes‘ is another idea I thought might be good but may remove as I doubt I’ll keep it up.

Welcome! I hope you find something of value here at the well!

Dedication: I Honor and Thank my Mother, who demonstrated comprehensive thought, and gifted me with tools related to writing; my Father, who demonstrated great care of the earth; Both my Mother and Father who shared values of Service over personal gain. I Honor All who have stood, and do stand, for Justice against Injustice; for Mercy against shortfalls of Compassion. I Honor the Earth and All forms of Consciousness. I Honor Deep , Ever-present, and Lasting Friends – of all ages – known and unknown! For all that you are  –  Thank You!


6 Responses to About…

  1. Daniela says:

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and liking and reblogging the post about millenials and for following my blog. I enjoyed your in-depth commentary on the Trayvon Martin case.

    • maggieannthoeni says:

      Daniela, Thank you for your interest also – in describing the Millenials movement to re-Group the economy, and in my post on restorative justice re Trayvon Martin! I’m new to reblogging and now realize I didn’t identify you as the original author of “Millenials re-routing the economy”. I’ll correct that. I will also research to learn more about how this M. movement on new economy is developing. I’ve started work on a ‘new economy’ page to add to my “essential practices” section. I’ve certainly given ‘the economy’ much thought these last several years, and wonder how I overlooked identifying it among essentials needing attention in the 21stC! Thanks again – it’s so encouraging to know interested, talented, informed, minds are at work!

      • Daniela says:

        I am in the process of writing a post on the new economy with references and links to books. If you are interested, I’ll be publishing it shortly.

      • maggieannthoeni says:

        Wonderful! I’ll look for it – for my own learning, and also I can list your post giving references and links as a resource on my econ. page. David Graeber is one writer I have in mind to list as resource, haven’t thought much beyond him but haven’t reached the ‘list of resources’ part of my ‘new econ.’ page yet. (Am also working on a ditch-digging project today .. literally!) 🙂

  2. soaringdragons says:

    An Open Invitation To Compose “Dying Sayings” in comments at http://soaringdragons.wordpress.com/2011/05/20/dying-sayings/

    This is an invitation that I am posting into the comments of the “About” pages of 188 randomly selected blogs. How did I find you? From Tag Surfer under “Justice.”

    The inspiration for this request comes from Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase & Fable, Centenary Edition, Revised, 1981, Harper and Row, Publishers, New York. This book has 187 “Dying Sayings,” and I’m sure living WordPress bloggers and blog readers can write no less inspiring self-composed epitaphs than the historically famous.

    Among the “Dying Sayings,” pp. 369-372, are the below fourteen entries plus my own:

    Newton: “I don’t know what I may seem to the world. But as to myself I seem to have been only like a boy playing on the seashore and diverting myself in now and then finding a smoother pebble or prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me.”

    Richard I: “Youth, I forgive thee!” (Said to Bertrand du Gourdon, who shot him with an arrow at Challus. Then, to his attendants, he added): “Take off his chains, give him 100 shillings, and let him go.”

    Augustus (to his friends): “Do you think I have played my part pretty well through the farce of life?”

    Beecher (Henry Ward): “Now comes the mystery.”

    Goethe: “Light, more light!”

    Hannibal: “Let us now relieve the Romans of their fears by the death of a feeble old man.”

    Jackson (“Stonewall“): “Let us pass over the river, and rest under the shade of the trees.”

    More (Sir Thomas): “See me safe up [i.e. on ascending the scaffold]; for my coming down, let me shift for myself.”

    Mozart: “You spoke of a refreshment, Emile; take my last notes, and let me hear once more my solace and delight.”

    Poe (Edgar Allan): “Lord, help my soul!”

    Roland (Madame; on her way to the guillotine): “O Liberty! What crimes are committed in thy name!”

    Saladin: “When I am buried, carry my winding-sheet on the point of a spear, and say these words: Behold the spoils which Saladin carries with him! Of all his victories, realms and riches, nothing remains to him but this.”

    Webster (Daniel): “Life, life! Death, death! How curious it is!”

    Wordsworth: “God bless you! Is that you, Dora?”

    Soaringdragons: “I have been waiting for this moment since my youth, and it is with extreme anticipation that I wait now.”

    Feel free to compose as many of your own “dying sayings” as you wish in comments. Please bear in mind that this blog is P.G. and contains 19,000 words, none of which are swear words. So, the rule is that if your response includes ‘swear words’ (my own private definition being the standard) I will either edit the response or delete it, my option.

    I hope everyone contributes. Cheers!

    • maggieannthoeni says:

      I‘ve left this aside, hoping I’d come up with something … too many possibilities! It’s a great page, thanks for sharing! -MA

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