Blog Notes & Changes

This page is a ‘cache’ for posts I make from time to time that are about blog format changes, not about main blog concerns (which are: 21st Century, commentary on human affairs, our coming to know ourselves better.) 

Blog note posts, posts of that type, will be copied and pasted here, then deleted from main collection.  This prevents “minor posts” from taking up display space on main page, in ‘category’ lists, etc.  Dates of posts moved here will be ‘font & title bold’ with newest posted ‘at top of previous’.


2/14/11: Some posts may have ‘topic-related’ ad links at the bottom of the post. This is an arrangement between Google and WP. It allows WP to offer free blog space. I’d prefer not having these, but accept WP management’s need to generate WP operating funds! (Non-commercial personal blogs such as mine are available through WP at no fee.) Thank you for your patience!!-MA

2/10/11: I apologize in advance for blog “issues”. I’ve recently changed formats and continue, over time, to re-visit older posts and neglected pages, to edit for clarity, change text appearance, etc. (Appearance example: ‘grey’ text color default, rather than ‘black’ I prefer is not yet reliable!) I’ve learned some new ‘tricks’ that I think will let me bring my poetry page ‘to heel’, but have yet to spend time needed to do this; I have delayed adding more poems until I do.  If a post disappoints or pleases, feel free to comment, to agree or disagree. I hope you find something of value here!

Jan 27, 2011: Home Page View – Long Scroll “Issue”: This morning I found the ‘global post setting’ that sets main page to show title a few descriptive lines. Readers can more easily select posts according to interest. This gets rid of the ‘long forever scroll’ condition you’ve seen to now.  I hope the change makes reader-use more comfortable!  (later: ALAS! ‘default’ has been ‘whole post on page’; I’ll have to re-set each post individually.  January 2011 done, the rest fairly soon! – AND notice I still need to change text color for uniformity – that, too, is on the list! – AND a curious inconsistency in location of ‘continue reading’ link, think I know why, a post-x-post editing also!) -MA

January 24, 2011:  I’ve recently changed my blog’s appearance.  A shift in ‘concept’ is also developing.  When I began, I operated from an image of “a few gathering at a well”.  Thus the title!  It’s a concept I’ve held dear for many, many, years. 

Aside from a meeting at the well, I’ve also envisioned a campfire gathering.  In both scenarios – at well and campfire , there is a collection of people who’ve come together more or less by accident while carrying out their activities.  People arrive at a well as they go daily for water; they might arrive at a campfire as fellow ‘travellers’ happening to stop for the night at the same spot. 

I like the notion of this kind of gathering of my scenarios.  A village post office could serve as well!  For what occurs – if it ‘fits’ – is a stopping to share thoughts and observations that most matter in our human affairs.  Our individual experiences, their impact on our lives, our shared understandings, our shared examination of issues, our shared building of solution or offering support.

My first blog format (visual appearance) particularly fit the well concept.  But for other reasons, I’ve wanted a different look.  I have shifted to a new format, and find the different look changes the ‘bent’ of my blog overall.  I have always ‘been about’ education, sharing ideas on how we can better inform ourselves, sharing ideas on particular skills and understandings that are of greatest benefit to human social structure (our policies, our institutions, and how they function.)

I am not ‘about being American’, but have, since childhood, felt myself ‘of the world’ while also of a country.  So what I promote here is sometimes focused on national issues, sometimes on larger; often the two are blended.

I’ve changed my upper right ‘motto’ from “At the well, we can pause, dip more deeply, bring insights to light” to “Education, questions, insights for 21st Century”.  I think this change more closely ‘fits’ the focus that has developed with my blog so far; more closely fits the visual change also.

My section “21st Century”, “Essential Practice” section is very much a part of the emphasis on education.  Once it sort of ‘sat at the side’, and now is more prominently displayed.  It needs much re-working! Individual posts, also, as I return to them, will be improved with editing.  My goal for 2011 with this blog is to see to editing of existing material, and, of course, to post ‘decent quality’ with new items.

Thank you for visiting!  Comments are welcome – anywhere.  If you find yourself inspired to contribute toward what you see as the ‘goal and intent’ – I welcome your questions, suggestions and ideas.  —MA

Jan 22, 2011: “2011 New Look!!”  : Dear Readers! I have deep affection for the ‘blog page theme’ I’ve used since beginning, but have also wanted to find something very similar that lets me share my personalized headliner image (see John’s Art link!). The WordPress theme showing here may be ‘just right’. Glitches – not sure how to make some changes I’d like in text appearance, don’t know why ‘merit pay’ page title color breaks rank with its companion pages in “Essential Practice”, and not sure how to make this a ‘sticky post’ (which it should be) … will work with modifications along the way. Hope the changes work for all of us! MyBest –MaggieAnn  (p.s.: .. just discovered the ‘sticky’ system!) (p.s./p.s.: I think I need CSS options to make some changes I’d like and am not at all ready to tackle that today — so horizontal list of page titles under headliner image remain not evenly spread across entire length, etc., etc.!!)(more learning – changed title color (‘merit pay’) shows the page has been opened in ‘edit’ mode; now I know why and must move away from the keyboard!) –MA


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