Fridge Door Links

Page Dedication:

I describe treasured relationships in my blog dedication (“About…” page). “Fridge Door Links” lets me recognize a few who operate on-line. 

As I venture into blogging, I especially think of one dear dear friend in connection with writing. We met in childhood, again in secondary school, again part-way through university, always ‘accidentally, always to be separated again. Eventually we each lived in two distant  Canadian communities.  Seldom in close proximity, we nevertheless treasured one another’s special perspectives; celebrated eccentricity in a world fond of “normalcy”. Janet had an overwhelming illness, extensive debilitation, a deep, nearly unendurable, challenge.  A few years before her death, she began to wield her pen with most delightful outcome.  Thousands of miles apart, as I adventure in blogland, Janet, the full “who that she is”, is very much with me.  In the spirit of shared adventure, and this page’s celebration of “doings” of good folks who have personally touched my life: This page is dedicated to my dear friend, much missed, Janet.


I’m a fridge door enthusiast –

I like to post “special connection” prompts where I can see them.

Links here may/may not “fit” with my blog’s “general themes” but I am

pleased to know these folks; they are great people to their very cores!

(See “Sources-Books-Links for ‘impersonal’ Bibliography)

&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& : Laraine and Nicole Guidry are long time dedicated and reputable breeders of quality long haired miniature dachshunds. Crickhollow line individuals have proven themselves very well in show, winning top honors on a regular basis. What *I* like about the ‘doxies’ is their delightful “dogginess” – and the way a group of them rather “flows”, herd-style, when a shared interest develops! These breeders put integrity and love of the dogs at the top of their list. Site features information and photos of breed line, distinctions, and is great place for miniature dachshund information. : The site belongs to John Shier, Apple Valley, Minnesota, who has been hiking some of these trails in Dakota County, Minnesota, and near region for more than 30 years. He knows the trails, and knows their beauty! Detailed information to help you select trails is accompanied by excellent flora, fauna and landscape photos. If you live anywhere nearby, or want to plan a nature focused holiday – check out this site! (Check it out anyway, and take yourself there visually!) Computer generated impressionist art: Artist John Shier creates scenes by computer program. The computer “grows” the scene according to rules that mimic nature. It does not use paint or photography in any form. It does not use Photoshop, Illustrator, or similar programs. John’s art is remarkable. Quality work with freshness, pleasure, and good-will throughout – celebration that announces itself! John describes the art generation further at his site, and offers links well worth a click. You’re unlikely to successfully predict this site – ‘gotta go there’ to know!  The artist also offers ‘prints on mugs’  – mugs you take pleasure in noticing you are holding! –  and calanders made unique by intrigue and beauty of his work.) : Wizards! Single word, but the best way to explain the outcomes of this company’s work to “provide unique, innovative technical solutions to business problems”. I’ve seen the solution generation – I know. : “Peace VideoWorks is a full service, Award-Wining Professional Video Production and New Media Company in Dawson Creek, Northern British Columbia. We are story tellers helping guide our clients from concept and scriptwriting to shooting, editing, duplication and packaging. Whether you are looking for Professional Video, Standard or High Definition, Interactive CD/DVD ROM or Internet Video Streaming we are very budget-minded and can work within the parameters given by our clients.” I could not have said this better – but add: the quality of this company’s production, leading to Canadian/US showings, will be even more clear to you when you check out the website!