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Outside the Box Diplomacy – John Kerry, Maybe – Dennis Rodman, for Sure

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Einstein is often quoted on problem solving: “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” — What better application for outside the box problem solving than world adversaries discovering community? Kerry may have stumbled into it – who knows. Rodman seems intentional. —- The questions for the rest of us are “Do we believe such caroming is in the mix?” and “What can we do to ‘lever’ outside-the-box conflict resolution ideas to best outcome for all humanity?” Continue reading

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Adam Curtis’: “The Century of The Self” (video)

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“Buyer beware” works better if the buyer is aware of his/her subconscious ‘decision drivers’! Here is the full version of Adam Curtis’ “The Century of The Self”. All four episodes are ‘one viewing’, about 4 hrs in length. With greatest gratitude to ‘’ who posted on Vimeo! Continue reading

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Dr. Martin Luther King: “Beyond Vietnam” Spoke to our Relationship To All Nations (Video)

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Reverend King was not ‘just about’ domestic inequality. He taught of need to be all inclusive of all humanity. He spoke consistently with eloquent force and compassion on need for America to cease military-linked violence against people of other nations. … A warning given by Dr. King in his “Beyond Vietnam” speech is now chilling — considering where we’ve been and what we’ve done in the years since. Has violence of war – meeting violence with greater violence – ever really brought humanity closer to enduring peace and thriving community? —– Listen to Dr. King’s “Beyond Vietnam” speech. — What holds us in the Middle East? Who are the children and families, the neighbors in community, of Syria, of the entire region? What is the shared human longing that they experience with us? Continue reading

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March on Washington – 50th Anniversary – Dr. Martin Luther King Shared His Dream (Video)

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This weekend’s national events include honoring the 50th Anniversary of the 1963 civil rights March on Washington, where Dr. Martin Luther King delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech. I post an embedded version here. I do not review the historical context, but provide a link for that information. Both sound and video quality (of the event in real time) are good. Continue reading

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Reclaiming Our Humanity – Follow-up on Oklahoma Shooting-death of Australian Student

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The people of Duncan Oklahoma may need to keep their thoughts centered on the situation in their community. I hope they do, I hope they do so with some wisdom, and I wish them well. — The rest of us might best help by giving thought to our own immediate cultures and follow-through with thought about our national culture. — What do we want our American culture to emphasize and encourage – empathy – or emotional detachment? What is our ultimate goal? Post also reviews “share the prosperity” culture and economics of post-WW2 and the 1960’s in contrast to now, with particular emphasis on role of economics. Continue reading

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Oklahoma Teens Alleged Murder of Australian Exchange Student – America’s Pathological Detachment

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Who are these accused boys? What is the world they inhabit? … I mean ‘who are these young Americans’ and ‘what American world do they inhabit’. … By briefest sketch, these youth are young Americans living in a nation that practices little else but ‘detachment’. … This shooting may be a consequence of a culture such as we have in America – a culture pleased, at least until now, to rely on ‘detached’, ‘measured’, ‘reasonable’ restriction of empathy in order to ‘get things done’. Continue reading

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Of Buckminster Fuller – With Devoted Appreciation (Video)

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Every time I … dip into the mind, personality, and world of Buckminster Fuller, (1895-1983), I ‘fall in love all over again’. …As you watch the film “Reflections: R. Buckminster Fuller (1977)”, you will meet a person who speaks from the heart, (without a trace of sentimentality), about where his inventive mind takes him, (on a journey through the cosmos, while rooted in practical, pragmatic, goals). … His solutions lie in creative thinking, creative design, and attention to resource use. He explains how observing a ‘typical and normal’ situation triggered questions for him that informed his creative mind. He presents his vision of what could be – if we choose to ‘make it so’. He expresses confidence that IF we so choose, we’ll find ourselves ‘freed up’ from deprivation and fighting. Once ‘freed up’ we’ll enter humanity’s next range of possibilities. … Continue reading

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What is Willful Blindness vs What is a Whistle-blower?

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What is ‘willful blindness’, how influential is it in our personal, workplace, community, and political lives? What motivates whistle-blowers? Margaret Heffernan reviews what she’s discovered as answers to these questions in a 15 minute TEDx talk. Well worth a listen! Continue reading

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Problems Viewing Adam Curtis’s BBC series The Century of the Self and Why You Should Find a Way to View It

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Unfortunately, one of my favorite, most ‘revered’ links is now almost (but not quite) unavailable. Adam Curtis’s “The Century of The Self” BBC mini-series has practically vanished! … Today, (6 August 2013) I’ve researched it’s availability. … Here’s what I’ve learned re the availability of The Century of The Self series, and notes on its value in understanding manipulation … Continue reading

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It’s this way because we want it this way

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Originally posted on Whatever Works:
From Bloombery News, this is something that’s been screamingly obvious, and widely known. It has, however, been barred from any examination of American health care reforms. Because Denial isn’t just a streetcar, it is a national state…

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