The tri-season nature display you see as banner image above was created by John especially for this website – to my ever delight!

But it’s only a single variation from a multitude of possibilities on view at

You’re unlikely to successfully predict this site – ‘gotta go there’ to know!

Computer generated impressionist art: Artist John Shier creates scenes by his computer programming. He does not use paint or photography in any form – no Photoshop, Illustrator, or similar programs. John’s art is remarkable. Quality work with freshness, pleasure, and good-will throughout – celebration that announces itself!

My favorites are ‘nature’ themed, but John explores people and abstract creations as well.  Pieces spark a range of responses, including beauty, humor, insight, and whimsy.

He describes the art generation further at his site;  and displays galleries for your pleasure and selection. (It’s a site I can just ‘hang out’ at!)

 The artist offers custom prints, mugs, and calanders – each made unique by intrigue and beauty of his work.

Enjoy John’s Art!!


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