Blog Vision and Purpose

21st Century Vision – Blog Purpose Statement

Dear Readers!

What if we reached back, pulled humanity’s ‘at birth promise’  of self-realization, human community, and earth enjoyment into our vision, and took responsibility for it?

This blog site’s passion and purpose: To encourage you and me to explore and follow in-born, unrealized, universal human promise.

We think we ‘outgrow’ childish questions as we ‘mature’ – but we don’t ‘mature’ so much as we accept coached explanations to abandon the questions. We asked when young: “Why are some people and animals caused or left to suffer? Why are people mean and angry?”

Often, in response, our coaches, parents and others, shook their heads in disappointment, gave a sigh, and said: “We have to learn to accept these realities. It’s the way of the world. We can’t trust – have to protect our interests.” Too often we ‘wisely’ repeat this as ‘truth’ to ourselves and even to children!

No surprise, really, that we have a world we’ve ‘coached ourselves into’ – emphasis on self-interest, and trust is risky!

Genuine maturity will be ‘in place’ when we realize our promise – when we learn to enjoy supporting others and all life, and when we experience support of others and a precious earth.

Where’d the  promise  go?  What we’ve got is  sure not what we ‘sought’ by inherent promise and potential at birth, not what our parents sought at their births either.

While ‘spiritual’ practices can be helpful – they sometimes want to ‘rise above’ what’s here for us.  They sometimes want to ‘reassure’, and place the emphasis on ‘comfort while enduring’. They are inclined to offer guidance on how to ‘make the best of it’ for self and one’s own groups. “After that, if there’s anything extra, anything left over”, they might say, “that (the leftovers) are what we can offer to the wider world of humanity and life.”

Other lingering teachings and practices, especially ancient word-based wisdom and ages-old practices such as meditation, are meant to awaken universal connection.  Such a connection is indeed part of what we bring with us, before we go through the process of ‘individualizing’.

This blog’s purpose is to keep the ‘universal’ in equal balance with earth-bound individual experience.  If spiritual practices are inclined to ignore social, political, economic concerns; it’s also true that ‘earth based’ preoccupations (chiefly economic/political) are inclined to emphasize short-sighted immediate material comforts for those already enjoying them. ‘Human organizational systems’ (religious, economic, political) are precisely where  “individual and narrow group self-interest” most support and continue misery – misery which enduring universal comprehension teaches is not necessary!

Different from the spiritual, valuable and powerfully helpful ‘here at  earth-level’, is the field of psychology.  Psychology did not reach its most helpful potential until late in the 20th Century. We were advised from ancient wisdom: “Know Thyself”. Psychology gives us many paths of exploration to do just that, to ‘know ourselves’ individually and as a species. Following contemporary psychology’s best insights, often bolstered by neurosciences, we can learn more about who we are than was possible even  in mid-20th Century.  Introductory level books or courses in relationship communication, co-dependency, parenting, and child psychological development – IF followed with “universal humanity” in mind – would do much to bring at-birth promise and potential back into play.  The result would be psychological literacy.

Psychology literacy, learners will find, quickly supports and ‘meshes with’ other philosophies, and with both spiritual and non-“spiritual/religious” teachings, that support human promise.

We are endowed with a cognitive potential unknown in other life forms. With our astonishing language capacity, and all that has emerged across the ages of our creation and inventions, we find ourselves “in charge of” what happens here on earth. If we want the idealized, in-born, (spiritually based or not), dream of a world that supports all life, to come into better realization, we have to “know our machine” – which is ourselves.

–My Best!!–MA


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