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Glencore: Profiteering from hunger and chaos – Features – Al Jazeera English (Reflections)

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This world needs economic systems that do what economic systems ‘theoretically’ are supposed to do. They’re supposed to serve humanity. They’re supposed to help us uplift ourselves and one another toward greater fulfillment of our astonishing potential and promise. … This post features an Al Jazeera article on food insecurity, but offers also larger awareness. The better we understand, the better we can be strict and clear in our questions and demands to those we elect. Continue reading

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Inclusion or Exclusion? – “Economy” or “Business”?

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Critical thinking includes ‘structuring’ information – recognizing the more particular (‘business’ in this case) and the more general (‘economy’)…No wonder our President primarily seeks ‘instructive input’ on ‘economic’ issues, from ‘corporate and business leaders’! So does everyone else who’s presumably got lots of academic training, skill, and ‘leadership’!! Continue reading

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Letter to Washinton Policy Makers: NO means NO MORE ‘Same old, same old’

I am “looking you straight in the eyes” and telling you NO! No more same-old, same-old. I am telling you to do what is needed from all of us: GROW UP! Continue reading

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The Value of Conspiracy Theories

It does not matter whether or not conspiracy theories are in fact true. What matters is the nature of human beings, and the reality of complex dynamics in matters of social/political power.
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Government Policy, Who Designs, Approves?

Major policy makers shift back and forth between powerful government and corporate roles. … article by Bill Moyers and Michael Winship is helpful….our task as citizens to gather as much information as possible.
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Health Care, Information Age, What We Know, What we Don’t Know

This is the “Age of Information”. Information, we are told, is power. … maybe it’s time we helped ourselves to information that can help us balance power.

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Economic Tyranny As Practiced In America

In personal co-dependency issues, … the tyrant does not learn until tyrannical behavior is challenged. …the same is true in larger social/political arenas. Continue reading

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Health Care Debate – What’s Missing

Forces too large that can work against citizen interest. Big Government is not our only concern. Big Corporate Power is “right in there like a dirty shirt.” We single out one, without the other, to our peril. Continue reading

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America – A Nation of “Clumps” ?

No defining statement of “American identity” can be made these days except … the importance to the individual of … ‘clump membership’.
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