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Usefulness Finished: Dominant Economic Models Are Like An Old Car

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Much on Davos …suggests to me that the “vehicle owners” don’t yet notice that tinkering can’t give sustained function…These statements are like those of driver/owners of favorite, but failing, vehicles. The driver/owners look for signs that the end is not imminent.
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Clean Up Washington: Effective Use of Internet Campaigns

Effective use of “paper pitchforks”: “The whole point” of representative democracy is for citizens to openly participate in their own governance – hard to do with massive practical restrictions on ordinary incomes in ordinary lives! Continue reading

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The Last Potato – Thought Experiment: Humanity’s Calling.

The path that might lead us to greater security, of more lasting endurance, perhaps to where potatoes can be grown in some abundance. Such a path is an untried path. Continue reading

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Hollywood Size Fame, Mega-Corporate Size “Success” and Royal Style Elitism : Top-down vs Grassroots : “Leadership” and Governance

Time to end ‘top-down’ directives which have become corrupted by elitism; time to re-visit ‘consensus models’. I would like to see both state and federal government initiatives launched immediately to make use of …“citizen input” to solution for our shared issues. Continue reading

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Critical Thinking Applied to Human Self-Governance

Lack of consistent critical thinking as a “way of going about citizen business” leads to events like the BP Gulf of Mexico disaster. And we’ve been practicing a lot of lack! We’ve been pretty empty-headed! Continue reading

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Health Care Debate – What’s Missing

Forces too large that can work against citizen interest. Big Government is not our only concern. Big Corporate Power is “right in there like a dirty shirt.” We single out one, without the other, to our peril. Continue reading

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A Conservative View on Universal Health Insurance

Primary Reaganomics economist supports single payer, links to relevant sites; a review of prairie conservatism, its strong compatibility to universal health insurance; observations on how prairie conservatism differs remarkably from corporate conservatism; on New Testament, Eisenhower’s military-industrial complex, and Truman’s ‘buck stops here’. Continue reading

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