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Earth’s Dilemma – Scope and Pace of Human Industrially Based Destruction

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What do Fukushima Daiichi and a small community in the bayou country of Louisiana have in common? Each is the location of unfolding “impossible” environmental disasters of “unthinkable” toxicity to earth, earth’s waters, and to life – including of course human. At this time, neither disaster has knowable solutions. …I think it’s safe to say – multiple on-going and unhealed environmental disasters exist. …If everyone …were …to appreciate ‘scope and pace’ is a critical factor in rapidly accelerating and accumulating damage. It is possible for us to overwhelm earth’s natural restorative processes. …also suggested by Tim Murphy in his Mother Jones article, referenced and quoted in this post. Murphy says: “… never before, (have humans extracted natural resources from the earth) at the rate and magnitude of today’s petrochemical industry.” This post expands awareness from Fukushima Daiichi and the Bayou Corne Sinkhole to include other large-scale scenes of current, on-going, environmental devastation and whole-region toxification. Continue reading

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Bee and Wasp Die-off – Our Inescapable Need to Steward All Life

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I suspect a good many people ‘sort of’ realize we’ve got a bee die-off problem. But as with other troublesome questions that challenge high consumption lifestyles, it seems we briefly acknowledge an issue, then go back to living the very lives that could conceivably do us in – along with the rest of the living world! The trouble with our high consumption, convenience seeking, habitual way, is that it ignores the very real interdependency of all life. One could say we’re choosing to be or to remain ignorant. Probably not a wise choice. Continue reading

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Toasting the Haggis

Behind the toast …How truly sad …as a culture we seem fully unable to carry this spirit in our policies, our means of recognizing one another’s humanity, our means of serving one another by principle of compassion….dampens the whole notion of toasting the haggis. Continue reading

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Human – Nature Re-newed Relationship, Reflection for 21st Century

…a relationship with nature that lets us continue …stewardship while re-connecting to awe. …21st Century. Continue reading

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Jamie Lee Curtis’s Open Letter to Conklin Dairy

As dreadful as is this situation, we can give it value. Through eyes and minds of children, we can remember what we knew, can heal, can find our way to a compassionate world.” Continue reading

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Dick Cheney, British Petroleum, Critical Analysis, Speaking Up, Litterbugs, Facebook: Connections

… another facet of personal analysis: “Everything is a model for everything else.” It is possible to not be an actual litter-bug, to hold beliefs against … and still be inappropriately dismissive of calls for real, even radical, shifts in human beliefs and practices. Continue reading

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KFC, Human Inconsistency, Human Promise

Truncated description from Robbins piece: “”stomping chickens, …(goes on in detail you DO need to know), — all while the birds were alive.” … We like to say “isolated incident”. Really? When did ‘you’ last spend time on a slaughter house floor for any commercial meat production? Continue reading

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Houses In Our Time: Costs, Choices, Wants, Needs

This New York Post article by David Streitfeld, “Building is Booming in a City of Empty Houses” certainly reminds me that not all of us view the world similarly, and perhaps don’t even live on the same planet! Continue reading

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Taming the Wild Ox – Local to Global

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With ‘luck’ we will begin to hear one another, siblings all. With ‘luck’ we can look back 10 years from now and realize we’ve actually achieved new distance toward a goal of “humanity as best it can be”. Continue reading

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