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Dominican Republic Records 30 Percent Increase in Organic Food Production

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Originally posted on The Noah Project:
From the Fresh Plaza website: The Dominican Republic recorded in the past six years a steady 30 percent increase in the production of organic food, with which it has established itself as one of…

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Human Role in Growing Dead Zones in Gulf of Mexico and Elsewhere

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Essential to earth stewardship issues: Tom Philpott at Mother Jones posts an excellent article (August 14, 2013) on Gulf of Mexico dead zones (devoid of oceanic life or thriving life). … comprehensive, with excellent graphics (maps, etc) – a few key points from, and link to, Philpott’s article here … Continue reading

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Bee and Wasp Die-off – Our Inescapable Need to Steward All Life

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I suspect a good many people ‘sort of’ realize we’ve got a bee die-off problem. But as with other troublesome questions that challenge high consumption lifestyles, it seems we briefly acknowledge an issue, then go back to living the very lives that could conceivably do us in – along with the rest of the living world! The trouble with our high consumption, convenience seeking, habitual way, is that it ignores the very real interdependency of all life. One could say we’re choosing to be or to remain ignorant. Probably not a wise choice. Continue reading

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Oil Train Disasters do NOT Justify the XL Pipeline (Lac Megantic)

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We are so locked into expand and exploit, are so addicted to high-consumption lifestyles, that we’ll use any argument available to convince ourselves and others that “its regrettable to destroy earth, but what choice do we have?”. This is truly a beyond bizarre line of thought. We claim to be an intelligent, curious, optimistic, problem solving species that is willing and able to ‘slog through difficulty’ for a better tomorrow. I believe this is true about us; I believe we can, if we decide, find our way out. However, I see us behaving as if we don’t really want to identify how threatening our ‘systems and styles’ are to this earth’s essential vibrancy, without which – life as we know it does not exist, period. (What is already underway with tar-sands mining/processing in northern Alberta almost defies description. It is not good. photos, links, info re XL and related earth/life issues.) Continue reading

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