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Trans-Pacific Partnership Shrouded in Secrecy Has Far-Reaching Consequences

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Originally posted on The Noah Project:
A fellow blogger suggested, in a recent comment, that we should all pay close attention to The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) as it will have far reaching consequences for U.S. laws, workers rights, the environment…

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Ecuador’s Long Struggle with Chevron and its Predecessor Standard Oil

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The Ecuador-Chevron video I’ve made available here is 3 minutes. All humanity, all life everywhere, is vulnerable to deadly exploitation by our well-entrenched economic practice of “progress by profit and profit by expansion.” Status-quo’ does not challenge itself. The challenge must come from that ‘ordinary voice’, and the ordinary voice must be informed, thoughtful, and firm. Continue reading

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Microsoft Buys Skype for 8.5 Billion Dollars – Not a Typo « Technology (Reflections)

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China’s Youth Meet Microsoft: “A Strange Thing Happened When the authoritarian government in China …proposed minor labor rights improvements for China’s workers…Microsoft and other U.S. companies fought to block them!” (pg 34) “Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard and other U.S. companies remained silent as the American Chamber of Commerce in China-to which they belong—threatened the totalitarian government of China that the new contract law would hurt China’s workers, negatively impact on China’s investment environment and lead to mass layoffs.”(underline mine). (Report, pg. 34) Continue reading

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