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Dr. Martin Luther King: “Beyond Vietnam” Spoke to our Relationship To All Nations (Video)

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Reverend King was not ‘just about’ domestic inequality. He taught of need to be all inclusive of all humanity. He spoke consistently with eloquent force and compassion on need for America to cease military-linked violence against people of other nations. … A warning given by Dr. King in his “Beyond Vietnam” speech is now chilling — considering where we’ve been and what we’ve done in the years since. Has violence of war – meeting violence with greater violence – ever really brought humanity closer to enduring peace and thriving community? —– Listen to Dr. King’s “Beyond Vietnam” speech. — What holds us in the Middle East? Who are the children and families, the neighbors in community, of Syria, of the entire region? What is the shared human longing that they experience with us? Continue reading

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America’s All-Too-Human Ignorance – and How Cute Kitten Videos Can Lead to War or Peace

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As some of our policy makers continue to emphasize war against Iran, (see current news and links below my signature) – or as we in other ways stay on the path of brutality, we can notice the ‘old paradigm’ at play. We can begin a shift toward ‘something tender and good’. We can do so immediately – we can choose to correct the inclination to war against another people. The posted March 2013 TalkingStickTV interview with Cathy Breen – who was in Iraq as peace worker when ‘shock and awe’ began in 2003, and who has re-visited the people of Iraq several times including late 2012 – is highly recommended, Continue reading

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