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Outside the Box Diplomacy – John Kerry, Maybe – Dennis Rodman, for Sure

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Einstein is often quoted on problem solving: “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” — What better application for outside the box problem solving than world adversaries discovering community? Kerry may have stumbled into it – who knows. Rodman seems intentional. —- The questions for the rest of us are “Do we believe such caroming is in the mix?” and “What can we do to ‘lever’ outside-the-box conflict resolution ideas to best outcome for all humanity?” Continue reading

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Deep Wrongness – American Momentum to Attack Syria, (4 Video Insights)

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This post notes and values wide-spread American opposition to the proposed Syrian bombing. It also raises concerns, examines ‘willful blindness’, ‘manufacturing consent in democracy’ — and concludes it’s entirely likely that “strategy toward larger goals” explains why ‘bombing and smashing’ is the only proposal made. —- Insights from 4 highly knowledgeable and thoughtful people included via video clips. — A quote central to the blog’s theme: “…emotionally potent over-simplifications must be provided by myth makers.” — Democracy, at its core, is never about silence, never about ‘hierarchy and deference’. At its core, democracy is about asking critical questions and drawing intelligent, thoughtful conclusions on behalf of all involved – especially those most vulnerable. — Children, families, and neighbors – all alive today in Syria and in refugee camps – cannot speak to our legislators. We must speak for them. — They do not need our bombs in addition to what they already experience. Continue reading

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Dr. Martin Luther King: “Beyond Vietnam” Spoke to our Relationship To All Nations (Video)

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Reverend King was not ‘just about’ domestic inequality. He taught of need to be all inclusive of all humanity. He spoke consistently with eloquent force and compassion on need for America to cease military-linked violence against people of other nations. … A warning given by Dr. King in his “Beyond Vietnam” speech is now chilling — considering where we’ve been and what we’ve done in the years since. Has violence of war – meeting violence with greater violence – ever really brought humanity closer to enduring peace and thriving community? —– Listen to Dr. King’s “Beyond Vietnam” speech. — What holds us in the Middle East? Who are the children and families, the neighbors in community, of Syria, of the entire region? What is the shared human longing that they experience with us? Continue reading

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