Trans-Pacific Partnership Shrouded in Secrecy Has Far-Reaching Consequences

“Thoughts From the Well” observes: The TTP, (Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement) is a trade agreement among Pacific bordering nations. It is of such magnitude it can strip citizens, communities, and states or provinces of their rights to regulate environmental conditions and human safety. In general, it allows wishes of trans-national corporations to ‘trump’ all else, and to ‘sue for damages’ if regulations stand in their way. Negotiations continue in strict secrecy. Elected representatives are not allowed to know what they will be asked to approve. If you live in a Pacific bordering nation, it’s important for you to inform yourself via this article. Contact your federal legislators as followup. A process called “Fast Track” (in the US) could allow this to slip through as a ‘done deal’.

The Noah Project

Large sign hanging from the top of Office of US Trade Representative by Anne Meador

A fellow blogger suggested, in a recent comment, that we should all pay close attention to The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) as it will have far reaching consequences for U.S. laws, workers rights, the environment and many other aspects of our lives. In response, I’m posting  Kevin Zeese’s coverage of the September 23rd protest that took place at the Office of US Trade Representatives.  Participants included members of, Backbone Campaign, Veterans for Peace, CODEPINK, and Earth First!.  (I am proud to say that Steven Bray who is prominently featured in this article is a fellow Wisconsinite!)

We decided to expose these secret negotiations by going right to their national office and plastering the Office of the US Trade Representative with messages that let them and the public know what they are doing. We took over their office building today, and plan to continue to escalate tactics in Congress and wherever we see opportunities to…

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