One Response to Response: Economist calls for justice in work force (

  1. Isadore says:

    Capitalism is the greatest evil that the world (especially the USA) has suffered in the past 200 years. If it is not checked and replaced with a humane system it will eventually be our ruination. Like all ‘isms’ capitalism assumes unquestioning loyalty and is revered by its’ followers as the ‘religion’ it actually is, complete with dogmas, heresies, a hierarchy, alleged miraculous powers, rewards for the faithful and stern punishments for unbelievers. Most religions are signified by some kind of a mark or symbol; Judaism has the five pointed star of David, Islam the crescent, Christianity chose the sign of the cross as its’ mark, any guesses as to what the mark of capitalism is?

    I believe that human survival and advancement are wholly due to co-operative aims and effort and I challenge anyone to provide meaningful evidence to the contrary.

    Free thinking Americans are an endangered species rapidly becoming if not extinct, oxymorons.

    Per each of your paragraphs: agreed, agreed, and ‘sort of’ agreed!

    Your list of ‘ism’ characteristics shared by capitalism with other ‘isms’ is great! I like your challenge to find evidence that genuine advancement isn’t cooperative in nature!

    I’m convinced the non-cooperative practices, mechanisms, and style American’s have pursued to excess are available in ample measure in all countries. Potential for either emphasis – common weal or exclusive self-interest – and potential for a balance between these, exists wherever humans hang-out. American’s for a number of reasons have had better opportunity to reach their excesses. One of the reasons is the combination of favorable climate with a large, open-for-settlement land mass (following its depopulation).

    I listen frequently to BBC radio panels on global, euro, and Britiain’s economies. What I hear largely lines up with global corporate views – birthed in these times out of America’s ‘exceptional’ econ-techno ‘successes’ during the 20th Cent.

    As to thinking Americans, ‘endangered’ but have no intention to ‘go away, so won’t become extinct. My web crawling lets me realize how many of these people there are! Unfortunately, US popular culture doesn’t recognize them as resources to be listened to. Outside the US, popular description of Americans also doesn’t include American thinkers. I try to bring them to reader attention here – they exist, and have much to contribute! As always – thank you so much for taking time to share your thoughts! The more voices raised, the more likely needed challenges will be heard! –MA

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