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Potted Plant on Top Shelf

Potted Plant on Top Shelf

 Dear Readers!

Long lapses between posts remain the case. The world and human doings roll along; there is much to chew on.  My thinking, commenting, and writing continue, but for multiple causes I’m not yet finding time needed to get them here! This blog remains a ‘repository’ where a selection of foundational ideas, ‘samples’ of our human doings, and pointers to possible solution – that I find valuable and important – are collected in one place.

Today I’d like to refer back to three of these: See my posts “21st Century Vision – Blog Purpose Statement“; “Who Makes the Human Journey and How Does it Go?“; and a post on individual gift to community – Individual Urge to Express Talent. Most of my posts anywhere on the web spring from sentiments expressed in these writings.

The one theme not yet well represented here – that I nearly daily comment on with passion and plea – is ‘earth care’, our stewardship of all earth, all life.

When I began this blog I couldn’t imagine we would continue our reckless assault on earth. Could not imagine we’d ignore the extent of destruction, or the toxification.  I’ve had a life-long ‘up close and personal’ relationship with earth and its creatures. At moments I am appalled and grieved to the point of anguish that we disregard our own buried promise as a species while simultaneously destroying the very planet that supports us.   So please add “intelligent, wisdom-based stewardship of earth/life”  to a check-list of essential 21stC thinking, as represented in the above  linked posts.

Today’s post inspired by Richard, who rightfully reminds me that grand discussion within the comments section of a single article with a single strong concern (‘ag gag’ laws re factory farm and related animal abuse) can overwhelm readers who may want to stick to article details!

My Best, Always!  MaggieAnn

July 16 note: Have added blog page on Earth Care,  Stewardship.


About maggieannthoeni

A description once given of me was "rooted in the earth while roaming the stars" - and this has felt 'right'. I believe in something akin to this for each of us. I am a passionate supporter of discovering the autonomous self while serving the whole as primary intent. I believe in discovery of innate principles, clearing the overlay of socialization that obscures this from us. I believe it is our responsibility to leave no one behind - most particularly to respond to suffering as best we can whereever we find it, whenever we are made aware. I believe in this for the insect as well as the most magnificent form of humanity. I believe in brother/sisterhood without boundary. I believe in righteous indignation when it is appropriate, but do not believe in an enemy. I believe in consciousness, in intelligence, in logic, in rationality, in emotion, in transcendence - and am convinced until we generally practice explore and honor all this in ourselves, we remain profoundly immature. (I believe real maturity is known and practiced by many young children, and not enough adults!)
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