Wisdom Asks: Why Not Peace?

"It don't make sense."

“It don’t make sense.”

Dear Readers! Willie Dixon performs: “It Don’t Make Sense If You Can’t Make Peace“.  As I view and listen, I feel I’m hearing and witnessing an often unspoken cry from the heart – not a cry of one musician, one person, but a common cry – one often felt as anguish.  Not only a cry of ‘thinking adults’,  although this anguish is in many adult hearts.  Dixon also gives voice to what many children ask of the adult world – sometimes in a worried and most anxious whisper:  “Why can’t people be good to one another, why are there wars?”  –My Best!, MaggieAnn.  (For me, the entire arrangement, voice, instrumentation, echoes the cry throughout. Plus, it’s just great blues! Interesting pacing – challenges us – are we willing to give 9 minutes hearing to this cry?)    (See also: Lions and Lambs (Dr Martin Luther King’s “Why I Am Opposed to the War in Vietnam”; and  Human Journey)


About maggieannthoeni

A description once given of me was "rooted in the earth while roaming the stars" - and this has felt 'right'. I believe in something akin to this for each of us. I am a passionate supporter of discovering the autonomous self while serving the whole as primary intent. I believe in discovery of innate principles, clearing the overlay of socialization that obscures this from us. I believe it is our responsibility to leave no one behind - most particularly to respond to suffering as best we can whereever we find it, whenever we are made aware. I believe in this for the insect as well as the most magnificent form of humanity. I believe in brother/sisterhood without boundary. I believe in righteous indignation when it is appropriate, but do not believe in an enemy. I believe in consciousness, in intelligence, in logic, in rationality, in emotion, in transcendence - and am convinced until we generally practice explore and honor all this in ourselves, we remain profoundly immature. (I believe real maturity is known and practiced by many young children, and not enough adults!)
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One Response to Wisdom Asks: Why Not Peace?

  1. Mary Virginia Cooley says:

    “An unspoken cry from the heart” – what a fantastic way of phrasing that. This is the sort of post I’m hoping to write as my blog gets underway (though it’s still got a foot in the research phase at the moment). And I definitely agree: great blues!

    I’m pretty impressed with what I ‘sense/feel’ in this performance – felt like crying in gratitude, kept thinking of MLK too – felt like the same passion. Music is such a great expression of what needs to be heard! It’s wonderful you’ll share via blogging – the world needs all the thoughtfulness any of us offers. I often feel I’m ‘stumbling about’ – do a lot of post-post editing. I’m very happy to share the floor! Many thanks for taking a moment to comment!–MA

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